What does "Lifestyle Change" Mean To You?

In many health circles, the term lifestyle has become popular. 

Think about it, some of us have more social lifestyles while others have more secluded lifestyles. 

Some of us have lifestyles that are all about instant gratification while others prefer to live life more simply with a bit more effort. 

All of these are some great examples, but when we talk about changing the way people eat, using the term lifestyle seems to have a negative feeling behind it. 

I believe that is because we all know what this means...the things we have to give up! No one wants to give up things we enjoy...am I right?!

However, I am a big fan of the term lifestyle and in fact commonly refer back to making lifestyle changes often.

For me, at least, this term feels better than using words like diet...would you agree? 

It feels like an intentional action. Ones that serve me, my health, and those around me. A new approach to doing things.

I never feel like I am lacking, it feels like redefining and recreating.

Is it simple? In theory, yes. Are they always easy? Not always as many of my lifestyle changes are not always convenient. 

What I do know is that I feel better with these lifestyle changes. They serve my health in a way that the things I no longer utilize ever did. 

It is rare that I miss any of those things. Though I do have a moment of weakness. 

How I react to this steps back is my perception and I will use them as learning opportunities rather than a means to tear myself down. I note how my body feels and come up with a plan to work around my misstep. 

The way I feel about it is my health is worth it. 

A lifestyle is more than a way of living, it is a mindset. Once you become determined to make important shifts for your health, you will only notice the gains you have made versus what you give up. 

So tell me, what do you think about the phrase lifestyle change? Is it a negative, or a positive? 

Are you looking into making some important lifestyle changes? Grab my guide on the three I used on my thriving with PCOS journey. Whether you have PCOS, or not, these steps are helping in thriving in health, no matter what health journey you are on. 

Wishing you health with grace and ease, 



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