Underrated Game Changer Supplement

Supplements are something that I struggle to trust. There is a good reason for that which I will share at another time. On the evolution of my thriving journey with PCOS, I have come to really appreciate them. 

Today’s supplement tale is one of Magnesium. 

Magnesium is really not that hard to come by. It is in many foods like almonds, avocados, cashews, and spinach. All things that I eat and love to eat. So I never gave adding it much thought until I came across something on chocolate cravings. 

See I used to crave chocolate so much. Like going crazy cravings...as in if I would eat even the sources above, the craving still was not taken care of. This my friends is a sign of deficiency at its lowest of lows.

After finding that information and reading Lara Briden’s recommendation for 300 mg of magnesium daily, I started to look into my resources for just the right supplement. The source of any supplement is very important. 

What I grabbed, I honestly thought I would never use. Then I thought...let’s give it a shot. 

The reason why I grabbed what I did:

  1. It is not a pill...I take enough of those thanks

  2. It is infused with cinnamon as well as a few other things

The cinnamon was important because if you are the insulin resistance type of PCOS, cinnamon has been linked in many studies to help with this. 

I figured I was getting a two for one special. 

What I have noticed in the last two months is my cravings by far more under control than they have ever been. 

I still have the urge to allow emotions to trigger a “need” to eat, but I am finding it easier to work through those times more so than before.

I was having some symptoms that are signs of insulin resistance in progression. While a change in the way I eat plays a big role in that regression, I began to feel like I took it to the next level.

I am excited to keep this in my daily protocol and see what benefits I continue to see over time. We are in a long term game here folks. Short term goals are great, but I am all about the bigger picture.

With that said, I really want to give credit to what I have done before adding any of my supplements. I find it so frustrating that we have become a culture of the quick fix and magic source. 

Whether what you are getting is from a pharmacy or from your trusted supplement source, there are lifestyle items that are necessary as part of this journey. 

I honestly feel that had I not worked on these things first, my body would not be in a place to receive the benefits from this new added supplement as well as the others I use.

I know no one wants to hear this. What I am talking about requires time, effort, and most of all changes. I have got to tell you...YOU are worth it! Redefining life on your terms that serve your health. You are the gatekeeper. 

My guide talks about the 3 foundational pieces that I dove into to go from declining to thriving. Grab it, read it, and lock arms. You are one choice away from the path to thriving. 

Looking forward to Thriving together, 


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  1. I can't find the liquid mag with cinnamon, what brand did you purchase?

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