What I Wish I Knew About PCOS

Like many PCOS Women, I was told…”Just lose the weight and we can take you off of your medicine.” “Here is this medication and that medication, we will take some labs, and see you in a year to follow up.”

NOT once did I hear, “Your lab work showed…”, “we need to work on a game plan for…”

I allowed for my symptoms to be masked. I allowed for my fire to be stoked as time went on. 

I know my PCOS is not my fault (nor is yours), but ignoring my symptoms only allowed the fire to spread. 

Here is a better understanding about what I mean by stoking the fire

What I wish I knew back then, was the lifestyle changes that needed to do hand in hand with my condition. 

There is so much more than “lose the weight” to be “normal again”. Especially when I was not overweight when this issue began.

Medicine should not be a dictatorship, it should be a collaboration. Working with your physician hand in hand. Here are some medications for the short term...let’s come up with a plan for the long term. Let’s put out the fire!

Unfortunately, it is more common than not to mask or silence the symptoms. 

It is like having a small electrical fire that you have no idea is burning until it is too late. Then you burn your house down. 

No one wants that! 

That was literally what I did for 17 years of being diagnosed with PCOS. 

No habit changes, just keep taking these pills. No adjustments based on my labs, no review of my labs other than getting a normal report.

That normal report then assumes that the medicine is working right?! Wrong, at least for me. 

My fire was building...my weight would continue to rise even with “healthy eating.” My body hair became more prominent...not interested in becoming the bearded lady for the circus. My hair started coming out more and more over the years...I could almost make a wig for someone with that amount of hair loss. Oh and do not even get me started on my mood and mental health.

This had to change! Period!

If guidance would not be given to me, I was going to find it on my own!

If you are tired of masking the fire like I was, this guide is what I figured out through my research and may give you a basis of where to begin your journey for you. 

Again I am not telling you to stop working with your physician (because I did not), but adding to the game plan and having a plan to present to your physician is not a bad idea.  

Time to put out the fire, 



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