Tangy Crunchy Asian Slaw

Our family loves being in the kitchen and creating tasty dishes! However, my husband was not a big fan of making changes like no conventional cow dairy and going gluten free at first. Once he got the hang of it, he now loves being able to recreate the way we eat!

Since changing up the way we eat, asian dishes have become more popular at home. They are quick, easy, and tasty. This one in particular is popular because it can be made in the morning and be completely “flavorized” by lunch or dinner time with no effort by us.

Here is a video where I walk you through this recipe. Do not mind me as I call the Slaw carnivorous crunch...no I did not change the recipe, I just struggle to read sometimes...lol


2 10 oz packs of Trader Joe’s Cruciferous Crunch or other cabbage/slaw mixture

1 ½ cups of cooked meat of choice (chicken, pork, what have you)


¼ cup of gingery-lime coconut aminos 

2 tbsp Rice Vinegar

2 tbsp sesame oil

½ tbsp EVOO

1 ½ tsp of minced garlic

3 pitted dates 

Ingredients--Topping Choices

Sesame Seeds

Coconut Chips

Chopped Almonds


  1. Dressing

    1. Soak pitted dates for about 3 to 6 hours, this will help the dates break up into smaller pieces into the dressing

    2. Combine all ingredients into a food processor or blender (magic bullet is what I use).

    3. Process until dates are complete ground.

  2. Salad

    1. Empty packages and add cooked meat of choice into a large bowl (you will need room for mixing this up)

    2. Add dressing and mix

    3. Let set for at least a couple of hours for the sauce to “flavorize” the dish

Happy Eating!




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