3 Mistakes I Made with My PCOS

We all make them...mistakes. We are human after all.

The key is learning from them and quite honestly, I am not always so good at that part. 

So of course my PCOS journey has been no different. The good news is that we can make it right and still reach our goals. 

I by no means have it all figured out, but I have come a long way to get myself headed in a better direction. 

As someone who really had no idea what it meant to have PCOS, I made a lot of mistakes! Like a lot! 

There are 3 key mistakes that ultimately sum up the mistakes I made over many years.

Maybe this is you, maybe it is not. However, my hope is that I can help at least one PCOS woman get on the right path before they get in too deep. 

Mistake #1:  Supplements before lifestyle changes.

While supplements are an important tool, adjusting my habits is a bit far more important piece to the journey. You cannot supplement away your bad habits.

Here is a bit more on this subject

Mistake # 2: Measuring My Worth By My Weight

This is a tough one for me, even now. I am a recovering control freak (it is a process I am still working on). So when I could not control what I was shoveling in my face, I was so frustrated. 

For many years I struggled to understand why I could not lose weight like other women around me. I really did not understand my body’s relationship with food, movement, and stress responses with having PCOS. 

I was not like everyone else. My body was lacking nutrients, meal balance, and proper stress management.

It took me a few years to get to a place where I began to better understand the role all of that played in the number on my scale.

Mistake # 3: Believing That Food Was Not Part of The Problem

For someone who holds having good health as an important value, I am embarrassed that eating better was not a priority. I mean, I even work in healthcare!

I was literally told that I was being put on Metformin because one day I may become diabetic since I have PCOS. I wish my first gut instinct would have been to work on getting better at the way I ate.

However for many years I would just “diet” like many others around me. Then I would go back to eating like a teenager, and then try the next “diet”

Over time, I did figure this part out, but it took me much longer than I would have thought. 

So if you are a PCOS woman reading this, you are not alone in this. Make the mistake, assess, and pick yourself back up. Mistakes are part of the journey. 

If you wish you knew more about PCOS, this community is a great place to help you get feet wet. Come join us!

You got this, 



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