Fun Is A Must

By almost every measure, 2020 was not a whole lot of fun.


Aside from the need to plan ahead and be careful, we had to master weird new buzzwords like “social distancing” and “flatten the curve.” Plus, there was an underlying apprehension that simply did not go away.


If fun was on your agenda in 2020, but it got derailed, you can still make plans to inject fun into your life in 2021. For instance:


• If you are working at home, create a fun reward for meeting project deadlines like going for a walk or playing Words With Friends.


• Research new kinds of safe weekend getaways like a cool Airbnb rental at the beach


• Sign up for an online class and study a subject you have always wanted to learn


• Start that travel fund toward a month in Bali for when the world opens up safely again


Fun is a necessary part of life. 


In fact, it is one of “The 7 F’s of Oola” that I used to commonly skip out on. 


I would put other things above having fun. 


Going through a 10 week coaching based on the Oola book series on finding balance in an unbalanced world, helped me to realize how out of balance my fun was.


If you are like me and seeking to find more balance in your unbalanced world, then grab my guide to help you determine if one of Oola’s coaching options is a good fit for you.

If recent events have caused you to re-think your lifestyle, your finances, your health, your relationships and your future, you have a unique opportunity to make 2021 better than the year we have just been through.


Are you ready to have fun again in 2021 while reaching for growth in the major areas of your life? 


Go out and create moments of fun.





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