The Unnecessary Stress of Perfectionism

If you are like me, presentation and having all of the details in place is life!

Whether it is the holidays around the corner, some big event you are hosting, or a presentation for your boss, you will make sure the whole thing is spotless, on-point, and all of the tiniest little touches are in place.

You my friend are like me, you are a perfectionist.

I mean, my favorite thing to do at the holidays is to make pretty packages (as a former Hallmark employee, this should come as no surprise). All of my bows are specifically picked out and the presents are all dressed up just so that can be torn up quicker than it took for me to make it look presentable.

Perfection will not serve you at the end of the day. It becomes too much for us to try to control the things we cannot control. Your stress levels go up and too much stress is never a good thing.

In fact, think back to the many times your perfectionism backfired on you. You know those moments when you best laid out plans did not get put to use...that is life.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to maintain routines in our home life, in our work life, and to keep up with the “Instagram Life”. You are more than likely doing this in your personal goals as well. 

Trust me, I am all about the goals. The one wonderful thing about the goals is the journey. No one learns anything from getting it perfect through the whole process.

It is time to let go...Your best efforts are ENOUGH! 

-That one chocolate chip cookie did not hold you back. 

-You missed a typo in a presentation, you are still employed, right? 

-You left at just the right time and yet you still ended up late to the office...those light changes and unexpected traffic were out of your control. 

-You missed a detail on the perfect table setting before your holiday meal...they still ate the food and enjoyed the company even without the detail you missed.

If you are is some food for thought on managing perfectionism.

At the end of the day...why are you trying so hard to meet these high standards? Who are these expectations for? Who do they serve...not you, I promise!

I get it, you are your hardest critic...yep me too. 

Guess what, no one is looking at you sideways because your table setting was not “Instaperfect”. I would be willing to guess that no one noticed. 

So what if your house was not sparkling clean to the point that you could eat off the one is looking there anyhow. 

Oh and that cookie you probably enjoyed it. Savor the flavor so the next time you are able to sneak one into your day, you know exactly what you are going to grab off of the treat table.

If you can relate with what I am saying today and you are looking to get out of the unbalance that perfectionism brings to you world, I have a tool that I have put into use that may be of service to you. Learn more about Oola with my guide as well as a planner to help you find the pieces in your life that need more attention than the dinner table set up. 

Perfectionism equals unnecessary stress. Life is a process. Your best version of you is one that recognizes your imperfections. Sees where you need to focus and continue to do the work to get to the life you deserve. 

Besides, there is no fun in perfectionism!



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