What 2020 Taught Me about PCOS and Life

Many of us agree that 2020 was a rough year. Back in January we had no idea, we just thought it was the never ending month...or at least that is how I remember it. Then came March and that is when it really began to change for many of us. 

What I got out of 2020 was a lot of opportunity. I hope you are able to reflect and view it the same way. 

It was an opportunity to explore and play around with so much information that I was taking in on PCOS. So much so that I began a new journey to help PCOS women like me! 

I was seeing so many friends and other women fall into the same pitfall...I could not stand it and I felt the tap during 2020 to do something about it...or go down trying at least.

There are so many other dietitians and life coaches out there on the same platform. So with the endeavor to be able to serve my people, I followed so many of them myself.

I learned a lot, which made me second guess what had worked for me so far. So like the person I am, I began to follow some of their ideals. 

Here is a video on what I tried and failed at in 2020: 

What I found out was that their ideals were not a good fit for my PCOS! 

While I talk about this often in my group...PCOS care is not one size fits all or even most...I fell into that trap.

What I have learned is while I need to make sure that I am clear about what works for me may need to be adjusted for the next person, I need to stay in my lane of PCOS. 

How I serve other women with PCOS is through what I have learned and what has worked for me. Just because what has worked for me does not fall in line with someone with a different set of credentials than mine, does not mean my approach is wrong.

I care so much for how I help others that I got caught up in the “right and wrong” that 
I was perceiving. I focused so much on the possibility of harming others in some way versus the help I could potentially provide. 

2020 for me was a year of exploration. A year of growth. A year of doing things and failing so that I would get back on my path. A year of believing what has worked for me has value. 

I have also come to realize that in 2020 I need to step up my stress management game! Good Lord! 

So if you can relate to the fact that there is so much information out there on PCOS and you honestly do not know where to start, I have a great place in Facebook land to come learn, grow, and pivot in your PCOS care. 

Looking forward to seeing your growth in 2021,



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