The Game of Body Shame

The Game of Body Shame

So many women do this. So PCOS women are no exception!

My (PCOS) belly is so big. I hate the way my arm jiggle. I hate how big my thighs are.

I have been right there with you. Above are just a couple of my least favorite things about my body actually. 

We cannot help ourselves. We have literally been taught by other women to judge our bodies in some way shape or form. We have also been taught to obsess over it. 

I mean why else would women around the world choose to have cosmetic surgeries!

This has to end here and now!

I was presenting in a group on facebook about Intuitive eating as part of a mini-series we are doing in there.  I honestly did not realize how much I was practicing many of these things already. 

I talk about the rules of Intuitive eating here for those that are curious 

In those rules, there is one key piece that really hit me hard...Respect Your Body!

What this means in the world of Intuitive Eating is love your body!

Love the way it works. Love what it is capable of. Love something in the way that it looks.

Ladies there has to be something you love about your body!

My challenge for you, figure that 1 thing that you love about your body. It can be anything. Your eyes, your smile, your ability to push things with your strong legs...just pick something. 

Spend more time focusing on what you love than what you are unhappy with. I promise you that this will change so much for you over time. 

No one can love you better than yourself! Until you learn to love yourself, you will continue to live in a space that is full of dislike and distrust. 

Above are just a few things that I love about my body. If you are brave, share with me in the comments what you love about your body.