What does "Lifestyle Change" Mean To You?

What does "Lifestyle Change" Mean To You?

In many health circles, the term lifestyle has become popular. 

Think about it, some of us have more social lifestyles while others have more secluded lifestyles. 

Some of us have lifestyles that are all about instant gratification while others prefer to live life more simply with a bit more effort. 

All of these are some great examples, but when we talk about changing the way people eat, using the term lifestyle seems to have a negative feeling behind it. 

I believe that is because we all know what this means...the things we have to give up! No one wants to give up things we enjoy...am I right?!

However, I am a big fan of the term lifestyle and in fact commonly refer back to making lifestyle changes often.

For me, at least, this term feels better than using words like diet...would you agree? 

It feels like an intentional action. Ones that serve me, my health, and those around me. A new approach to doing things.

I never feel like I am lacking, it feels like redefining and recreating.

Is it simple? In theory, yes. Are they always easy? Not always as many of my lifestyle changes are not always convenient. 

What I do know is that I feel better with these lifestyle changes. They serve my health in a way that the things I no longer utilize ever did. 

It is rare that I miss any of those things. Though I do have a moment of weakness. 

How I react to this steps back is my perception and I will use them as learning opportunities rather than a means to tear myself down. I note how my body feels and come up with a plan to work around my misstep. 

The way I feel about it is my health is worth it. 

A lifestyle is more than a way of living, it is a mindset. Once you become determined to make important shifts for your health, you will only notice the gains you have made versus what you give up. 

So tell me, what do you think about the phrase lifestyle change? Is it a negative, or a positive? 

Are you looking into making some important lifestyle changes? Grab my guide on the three I used on my thriving with PCOS journey. Whether you have PCOS, or not, these steps are helping in thriving in health, no matter what health journey you are on. 

Wishing you health with grace and ease, 


Power to the Patient

Power to the Patient

I see this a lot. Today it really triggered me when I saw another Cyster practically crying in her post today. 

A patient asking for help, struggling with a painful symptom and she was being made to feel horrible about it. In what world did all of those letters after a name give someone the power to belittle and mistreat someone!

The gold standard for all issues cycle related is the birth control pill or some form of cycle control through shots and inserted items. If that is your jam, by all means do the thing you feel comfortable with. What I struggle with is when someone would like other options. 

Also at what point does it become okay to not only tell the patient that the doctor that diagnosed her was an idiot and has them on the wrong course of action. All without reviewing the testing that was done and truly listening to the patient about her concern. To top it all off, no testing was done on this patient!!!

As someone with letters after her name, I know for a fact that there is more than one approach to all things medical. However, many of us are limited by how we are trained, taught, and have experienced.

Our limited scope does not incline us to make someone feel bad because we do not understand it. That also does not mean that we get to be nasty about it. 

Wishing you health with grace and ease, 


When did working in the medical field cease to be a service and become an absolute approach? Did everyone’s bodies suddenly become the same?

I had a similar experience once when I saw my new Endocrinologist...I loved my old one, but he left the office I was going to. She told me I either needed to take the Metformin or she could not help me. At least she was honest, but was nasty about it. So needless to say I have not been back.

Now we are all human and maybe sometimes our physicians are overworked, stressed, and working in a way that they are personally struggling. I believe that is an option too. 

I know I have had those days too. I have made mistakes in my years of practicing sports medicine. Which is why I am thankful for coworkers that are able to put fresh eyes on a situation. 

What I am not okay with is making people feel like they are crazy or stupid.

I write this so that if any of my other Cysters out there (or anyone as a matter of fact) are struggling to be heard by their physician, please know that you are allowed to feel comfortable with the care offered to you. You deserve options. You deserve to understand the risks. You deserve to be heard.

If you go through this, know that I feel for you and this is not okay. If you have a friend or family member go through this, listen to them. Let them air it all out. Then let them know that it is okay for them to seek out other options. Even if you do not agree with them on how they feel. 

We are all entitled to medical treatment that fits our comfort level. Nothing should be forced on us...period!