The Struggle With Keeping My Promises To Myself

The Struggle With Keeping My Promises To Myself

As a PCOS woman, sometimes I find it hard to keep my promises to myself. Usually it has to do with wanting that easy button. Less cooking, less dishes, more time with family and doing things I am passionate about.

While I love to cook, I am not always inspired to do it.

This is where, for me, food becomes not bad or good, but just frustrating.

I know I have food sensitivities. I have a balance of indulging and eating to feel good that is necessary to keeping my sanity and my hormones balanced. Eating to feel good is not always easy for me. I feel like most PCOS women can relate to this.

I really do love salads...they are quick and easy. Though I also really love pizza. While I have discovered the art of the pizza bowl, I do not always want to make the pizza bowl (with goat, buffalo, or sheep cheese because cow dairy and I are not friends).

So naturally moving our family and developing a business has led to further frustration with food. I have gotten myself all out of whack.

What is funny is that I teach people to do what has helped me, but of course I am in a season of getting myself back on track. Putting my promises to myself before the convenience in life has never been more challenging. I have never had to learn this lesson before and it is hard. 

I do not resent nor am I mad at how off balance I got myself...I really enjoyed that food and savored it.  However I am frustrated with the lack of ease this has been for me this time around to get back on track. It has been more work than I would like for it to be. 

Though it is important for me to show up and work through this phase. Not just for others, but for myself. 

Building integrity is important. What does integrity have to do with this?  Integrity is more than something you are characterized by others. This video will fill this in for you. 

As you can see, keeping our promises to ourselves is so much more than we give it credit for. It is easy for us to put the needs of others or in my case, the ease above doing the more challenging things.

Can you relate with this? Does food frustrate you because you wish there was an easy button? 

I cannot promise that addressing your food balance will be easy, but I sure can tell you that there is a place where you can find support, encouragement, and tools to help you pivot to develop a healthier relationship with food. So if you like or relate with what you just read, come join the journey in the Thriving with PCOS community. 

Finding ways to enjoy your relationship with food while also addressing what our bodies are telling us is so important. You are allowed to enjoy food while also respecting what your symptoms are telling you. It is possible to have both.

Wishing you food enjoyment and nourishment, 


3 Mistakes I Made with My PCOS

3 Mistakes I Made with My PCOS

We all make them...mistakes. We are human after all.

The key is learning from them and quite honestly, I am not always so good at that part. 

So of course my PCOS journey has been no different. The good news is that we can make it right and still reach our goals. 

I by no means have it all figured out, but I have come a long way to get myself headed in a better direction. 

As someone who really had no idea what it meant to have PCOS, I made a lot of mistakes! Like a lot! 

There are 3 key mistakes that ultimately sum up the mistakes I made over many years.

Maybe this is you, maybe it is not. However, my hope is that I can help at least one PCOS woman get on the right path before they get in too deep. 

Mistake #1:  Supplements before lifestyle changes.

While supplements are an important tool, adjusting my habits is a bit far more important piece to the journey. You cannot supplement away your bad habits.

Here is a bit more on this subject

Mistake # 2: Measuring My Worth By My Weight

This is a tough one for me, even now. I am a recovering control freak (it is a process I am still working on). So when I could not control what I was shoveling in my face, I was so frustrated. 

For many years I struggled to understand why I could not lose weight like other women around me. I really did not understand my body’s relationship with food, movement, and stress responses with having PCOS. 

I was not like everyone else. My body was lacking nutrients, meal balance, and proper stress management.

It took me a few years to get to a place where I began to better understand the role all of that played in the number on my scale.

Mistake # 3: Believing That Food Was Not Part of The Problem

For someone who holds having good health as an important value, I am embarrassed that eating better was not a priority. I mean, I even work in healthcare!

I was literally told that I was being put on Metformin because one day I may become diabetic since I have PCOS. I wish my first gut instinct would have been to work on getting better at the way I ate.

However for many years I would just “diet” like many others around me. Then I would go back to eating like a teenager, and then try the next “diet”

Over time, I did figure this part out, but it took me much longer than I would have thought. 

So if you are a PCOS woman reading this, you are not alone in this. Make the mistake, assess, and pick yourself back up. Mistakes are part of the journey. 

If you wish you knew more about PCOS, this community is a great place to help you get feet wet. Come join us!

You got this, 


What I Wish I Knew About PCOS

What I Wish I Knew About PCOS

Like many PCOS Women, I was told…”Just lose the weight and we can take you off of your medicine.” “Here is this medication and that medication, we will take some labs, and see you in a year to follow up.”

NOT once did I hear, “Your lab work showed…”, “we need to work on a game plan for…”

I allowed for my symptoms to be masked. I allowed for my fire to be stoked as time went on. 

I know my PCOS is not my fault (nor is yours), but ignoring my symptoms only allowed the fire to spread. 

Here is a better understanding about what I mean by stoking the fire

What I wish I knew back then, was the lifestyle changes that needed to do hand in hand with my condition. 

There is so much more than “lose the weight” to be “normal again”. Especially when I was not overweight when this issue began.

Medicine should not be a dictatorship, it should be a collaboration. Working with your physician hand in hand. Here are some medications for the short term...let’s come up with a plan for the long term. Let’s put out the fire!

Unfortunately, it is more common than not to mask or silence the symptoms. 

It is like having a small electrical fire that you have no idea is burning until it is too late. Then you burn your house down. 

No one wants that! 

That was literally what I did for 17 years of being diagnosed with PCOS. 

No habit changes, just keep taking these pills. No adjustments based on my labs, no review of my labs other than getting a normal report.

That normal report then assumes that the medicine is working right?! Wrong, at least for me. 

My fire was weight would continue to rise even with “healthy eating.” My body hair became more prominent...not interested in becoming the bearded lady for the circus. My hair started coming out more and more over the years...I could almost make a wig for someone with that amount of hair loss. Oh and do not even get me started on my mood and mental health.

This had to change! Period!

If guidance would not be given to me, I was going to find it on my own!

If you are tired of masking the fire like I was, this guide is what I figured out through my research and may give you a basis of where to begin your journey for you. 

Again I am not telling you to stop working with your physician (because I did not), but adding to the game plan and having a plan to present to your physician is not a bad idea.  

Time to put out the fire, 


PCOS Is Not Your Fault!

A girlfriend once told me, “I am not worthy of good health. Look at what I did to myself!” I looked her square in the eye and said, “You did not know what you did not know. Now you do and you are working to do something about it. That is what makes you worthy!” 

There were a lot of tears over this conversation...from both of us.

There is a study that discusses PCOS patients diagnosis journeys. It states that 16 percent of PCOS patients were happy with the information and education that they received regarding their PCOS!

That seems like an extremely low number to me! How about you? 

For this reason, I feel like we need to give ourselves grace. If you do not know that what you are eating, drinking, and using on your body are factors that make your condition worse, then how can you know what you are doing to yourself?

While, yes, I agree that many of us realize that a soda and fast food on the daily do not serve our bodies. However, if you did not know that your condition involved insulin resistance, then how can you know that you probably should do more than just take an oral medication?

There are many more interesting stats that come from that study. In this video on advocating for yourself, I reference more about that study.

I personally fell into the other 84 percent that was not happy with the information I received and education I was given. 

To be honest, I am not upset by it. I am driven by it. To make sure that other PCOS women do not fall into the same issue, I have created a community. Helping PCOS women thrive with this condition and understand it, is a passion of mind. 

If you fall into the 84 percent like me, come join us! 

Your PCOS is not your fault. You are worthy of good health. The choice is yours.

Cheers to you!


5 Ways To Manage Emotions

I am a crier! I get so angry...I cry. I cry at the sad parts of just about any movie.

I was even made fun of for being a cry baby in school by my classmates...jerks!

So needless to say, crying is how I process. 

As I grew up, I worked really hard to repress my tears. Especially when my feelings were hurt. 

So now when I have a break down, all of the tears come. Like a good hard cry for what feels like hours type of crying.

I get so down and out, it will take some time to get me out of the funk.

I have since learned that bottling things up is no good. 

Storing up that anger, frustration, and sadness is not great for the soul or body.

Trust me, going down that road, is rough. It has cost me much in life. 

Paying that price is what I use to remind me when I get close to that path, I must redirect fast!

Now as a disclaimer, I am not a doctor. 

This is what I have learned from my journey. I also have gotten care in the past through medicines and counseling. 

I still find counseling helpful, however the medicines were not so much. I also am personally not a fan of the side effects. 

I am NOT encouraging any stopping of medication. You and your doctor must make the best decision for you. 

Though I do believe these tools can be an addition to what you are doing currently, if you are open to them. 

Here are a few of my tricks: 

  1. Stop telling yourself a story: your boss calls, says we need to talk, meet me in the office. During your journey to your office, you begin to play it all out. That by the time you get there, you are all worked up. Whatever the situation may be, stop making the story up before you get there. This does not help you go in with a clear head and make you more reactive than me I know. 

  1. Gratitude: When you find gratitude in the small things that happen in your day, you feel better about it. It can be as simple as someone smiling at you. Or opening the door for you. Whatever it is, make note of it. At least 5 everyday...bonus points for finding the good in the difficult parts of your day!

  1. AFT: For processing memories that limit your mindset, this is a fantastic tool. More on this in the below video. 

  1. Journal: I know what you are thinking...been there, done that. Well you have to write out that gratitude somewhere right! Plus this is a space where you can rewrite your story, place down some thoughts. This is my space where I reaffirm the things I value about myself.

  1. Love yourself: When you love you, no one can stop you. In fact, others will begin to shift around you. When you love yourself and speak life over yourself, your mindset begins to shift. Your light will shine brighter. Let me tell you, no one tells the sun to stop shining. So when your light shines, no one can shut it down. 

The right mindset is an important piece to thriving in this life we live. There is so much negative, that it is easy to get caught up in it. 

If you are looking into ways to thrive with PCOS and/or Managing Your Emotions, come join us here. We look forward to grabbing your hand and lifting you up. 

You Are Worthy, 


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