6 Reason To Improve You Sleep As Part of Your PCOS Care

6 Reason To Improve You Sleep As Part of Your PCOS Care

You finally fell asleep! It is a miracle...until you wake. The clock says 1 am and now you cannot get back to sleep. Your mind starts to wonder and then before you know it, it is now 4 am.

I got to tell you, this is something that for many years, I would struggle with. Maybe you are in the same boat now. 

It took me putting in multiple changes over time to work on finally getting to sleep and then by happy accident figuring out how to stay asleep. 

Though many of us never really take working on this area very seriously. In fact, it is not uncommon to have people say things like...I will sleep when I am dead.

Well not getting good quality sleep will most definitely help you get closer to that final breath if you do not address it. 

For PCOS women, it is an even bigger piece to helping us in our thriving with PCOS journey. So here are some reasons to consider focusing on better sleep as part of your PCOS management and care: 

  1. Weight Reduction: Leptin levels (your satiety hormone) balance out and ghrelin (hunger hormone) decreases with quality and proper amount of sleep.

  1. Mood Improvement: adequate sleep helps with your response to stress as well as mood and emotion management.

  1. Inflammation Reduction: with quality sleep, you have less inflammation, which leads to overall better gut health. If you have issues like IBS on top of PCOS, you will really appreciate the benefits of better sleep. 

  1. Decreased Blood Pressure: By getting better sleep you will decrease your risk of developing hypertension and thereby improving your overall heart health. 

  1. Hormone Balance...including insulin: listen to the quick video, the first few minutes touch base on this area

  1. Decrease Carb Cravings: Better sleep helps support your insulin levels. When you have balanced insulin levels, your cravings for quick sources of energy (aka carbs) are more balanced rather than out of control.

All reasons, for me at least, that I found to be very true in my healing journey. Again things that were never really discussed when working to improve my PCOS symptoms. 

Hopefully this is not you, nor does it have to be. If better sleep is a goal of yours for your health journey, then I have a course that you will find of service to you. 

It is steps to help you get started down the path of creating better sleep for yourself.

Looking forward to seeing your sleep improve! 

Wishing you Better Sleep, 


Underrated Game Changer Supplement

Underrated Game Changer Supplement

Supplements are something that I struggle to trust. There is a good reason for that which I will share at another time. On the evolution of my thriving journey with PCOS, I have come to really appreciate them. 

Today’s supplement tale is one of Magnesium. 

Magnesium is really not that hard to come by. It is in many foods like almonds, avocados, cashews, and spinach. All things that I eat and love to eat. So I never gave adding it much thought until I came across something on chocolate cravings. 

See I used to crave chocolate so much. Like going crazy cravings...as in if I would eat even the sources above, the craving still was not taken care of. This my friends is a sign of deficiency at its lowest of lows.

After finding that information and reading Lara Briden’s recommendation for 300 mg of magnesium daily, I started to look into my resources for just the right supplement. The source of any supplement is very important. 

What I grabbed, I honestly thought I would never use. Then I thought...let’s give it a shot. 

The reason why I grabbed what I did:

  1. It is not a pill...I take enough of those thanks

  2. It is infused with cinnamon as well as a few other things

The cinnamon was important because if you are the insulin resistance type of PCOS, cinnamon has been linked in many studies to help with this. 

I figured I was getting a two for one special. 

What I have noticed in the last two months is my cravings by far more under control than they have ever been. 

I still have the urge to allow emotions to trigger a “need” to eat, but I am finding it easier to work through those times more so than before.

I was having some symptoms that are signs of insulin resistance in progression. While a change in the way I eat plays a big role in that regression, I began to feel like I took it to the next level.

I am excited to keep this in my daily protocol and see what benefits I continue to see over time. We are in a long term game here folks. Short term goals are great, but I am all about the bigger picture.

With that said, I really want to give credit to what I have done before adding any of my supplements. I find it so frustrating that we have become a culture of the quick fix and magic source. 

Whether what you are getting is from a pharmacy or from your trusted supplement source, there are lifestyle items that are necessary as part of this journey. 

I honestly feel that had I not worked on these things first, my body would not be in a place to receive the benefits from this new added supplement as well as the others I use.

I know no one wants to hear this. What I am talking about requires time, effort, and most of all changes. I have got to tell you...YOU are worth it! Redefining life on your terms that serve your health. You are the gatekeeper. 

My guide talks about the 3 foundational pieces that I dove into to go from declining to thriving. Grab it, read it, and lock arms. You are one choice away from the path to thriving. 

Looking forward to Thriving together, 


What does "Lifestyle Change" Mean To You?

What does "Lifestyle Change" Mean To You?

In many health circles, the term lifestyle has become popular. 

Think about it, some of us have more social lifestyles while others have more secluded lifestyles. 

Some of us have lifestyles that are all about instant gratification while others prefer to live life more simply with a bit more effort. 

All of these are some great examples, but when we talk about changing the way people eat, using the term lifestyle seems to have a negative feeling behind it. 

I believe that is because we all know what this means...the things we have to give up! No one wants to give up things we enjoy...am I right?!

However, I am a big fan of the term lifestyle and in fact commonly refer back to making lifestyle changes often.

For me, at least, this term feels better than using words like diet...would you agree? 

It feels like an intentional action. Ones that serve me, my health, and those around me. A new approach to doing things.

I never feel like I am lacking, it feels like redefining and recreating.

Is it simple? In theory, yes. Are they always easy? Not always as many of my lifestyle changes are not always convenient. 

What I do know is that I feel better with these lifestyle changes. They serve my health in a way that the things I no longer utilize ever did. 

It is rare that I miss any of those things. Though I do have a moment of weakness. 

How I react to this steps back is my perception and I will use them as learning opportunities rather than a means to tear myself down. I note how my body feels and come up with a plan to work around my misstep. 

The way I feel about it is my health is worth it. 

A lifestyle is more than a way of living, it is a mindset. Once you become determined to make important shifts for your health, you will only notice the gains you have made versus what you give up. 

So tell me, what do you think about the phrase lifestyle change? Is it a negative, or a positive? 

Are you looking into making some important lifestyle changes? Grab my guide on the three I used on my thriving with PCOS journey. Whether you have PCOS, or not, these steps are helping in thriving in health, no matter what health journey you are on. 

Wishing you health with grace and ease, 


PCOS has types?

PCOS has types?

If you are like me, then this is news...types of PCOS! Shoot can be a struggle to diagnose and now we have types! 

I remember being in a PCOS group and someone asking about what type people were and so many replied that there are not types of PCOS. Well, 24 hours later, I realized that those of us that thought that were wrong. 

PCOS is tricky, so it is okay if you or even your diagnosing physician did not know this information. However, knowledge is power. Now is the time to dive deeper and have a discussion about it. 

I researched the subject. I found 4 main types and then one group that is the catch all for those who do not fit into the others. What is interesting is you may have signs and symptoms from the other groups, but fit best in another. 

Here is what I am commonly seeing out out there on the subject. Let’s dig in: 

  1. Insulin-Resistant type: there is a 70 percent chance that most of us fit this profile. Women with this type of PCOS are insulin resistant, meaning you are creating too much insulin. Leading you to be overweight, develop heart disease, osteoporosis, and you are set up to develop diabetes. Also with increased insulin, you will more than likely create more androgens (which we will talk more about here in a bit). Irregular periods, elevated androgens, and insulin resistance are your indicators here.

  1. Post Pill PCOS type: This is usually temporary but may take up to a couple of years to work through. If you had normal cycles before the pill and then developed irregular periods and high androgen levels after being on the pill, then chances are you may have post pill PCOS. Give your body at least 3 months (or 100 days) before being concerned. It will take your body that long to see if it can get itself back to cycling on its own. If you had PCOS symptoms before the pill and continue to have them after the pill, then this is not you. 

  1. Inflammatory PCOS type: While this can be an issue with the other types of PCOS, for this type, it is the primary piece. Inflammation can be from foods as well as environmental toxins. Look for signs like IBS, unexplained fatigue, regular headaches, joint pain, and various skin conditions to go along with your irregular cycles and elevated androgens.

  1. Adrenal PCOS type: This type gets a bit tricky and really falls back on your lab results. Again, you will have irregular cycles but not all of your androgens will be elevated. Only your adrenal androgens. Androgens are the hormones that are higher in males (testosterone, androstenedione, and DHEAS). With Adrenal PCOS, only your DHEAS are elevated. If this is you, make sure you have had other medical issues ruled out. NCAH (nonclassic congenital adrenal hyperplasia) or high prolactin levels may be the actual issue. If those have been ruled out, then please look into how you handle stress as this is the primary issue with this type of PCOS.

  1. Hidden Driver of PCOS: If you did not find a type that fits you, then you may need to check into some of the other underlying issues that may play a role in your PCOS.

    1. Thyroid Disease: hypothyroid may be the thing that is affecting your insulin resistance and impairing your ovulation

    2. Vitamin D, Zinc, and/or Iodine deficiency: all are necessary for ovary function

    3. Elevated Prolactin Levels: as we discussed above, this will increase DHEAS

The best thing about this category is that once you correct it, your PCOS symptoms should improve quickly. 

Which type sounds more like you? Try not to get caught up so much in what category. PCOS is such an individual journey. 

I am so thankful for the natural steps that I have taken to get my PCOS under control. Are you curious as to what those starting steps may be? Be sure to check out my guide on Real Healing Starts with Lifestyle Changes. 

Wishing you health with grace and ease, 


Diagnosed with PCOS...Now What?

Diagnosed with PCOS...Now What?

Welcome to a Cysterhood of women with what is called PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is a club you may not want to belong to. None of us do, but the community is supportive. So let’s go on this journey together, shall we? 

You most likely got asked a series of questions about your symptoms like:

  • What weight changes have you had?

  • What are your cycles like? 

  • (If you have tried to get pregnant) are you struggling with getting pregnant? 

  • Any skin changes? 

  • Changes to the way your hair grows or where it grows?  

Then comes the lab work. Your physician looks at your hormones and blood sugar levels. 

Last, but not least (nor required), a pelvic CT scan. This will allow the physician to see how cystic your ovaries are or may not be. While having cysts is normal, they are looking at the size of the cysts as well as an abundance or lack of cysts. This test alone is not the best indicator as the cysts will change from cycle to cycle. 

Then comes the plan. There are 3 usual medication go to's: 

  • Birth control: This is to help regulate your cycle if it is irregular. 

  • Metformin: This one helps keep you insulin in check as your ovaries are greatly affected by insulin. 

  • Spironolactone: This medication is intended to help your skin clear up, reduce hair loss, and reduce your male pattern hair growth. 

You may have also gotten a referral to an Endocrinologist since the medicine they practice is more focused on hormones and their relationships with each other. This is a very complex area of medicine and having a specialist can be helpful, but not always necessary as your OB/GYN or Primary Care Physician may also understand this condition well. 

These are the basic first steps that many of us begin our journeys on. 

However, did your doctor suggest any lifestyle changes? They may have asked you if you were interested in meeting with a dietitian or nutritionist. They may have told you to make sure you work out 3 to 5 times a week. All great suggestions. 

Which of these above are you utilizing? We all have varying starts to our journey, so help your fellow Cysters out down below. 

However, I have found there is more to PCOS than just bandaging the symptoms. There are more lifestyle changes than just losing weight. 

In fact, there is more than just restricting calories and burning them off to the proper weight for PCOS women.

PCOS is complex. The steps to get you down the path of recovery are more than what you will ever find in a pill. 

If you are ready to move beyond the basic steps to PCOS care, then you are ready for my guide. Let’s lock arms and get you down a path of real healing and recovery. PCOS does not have to define you. 

Let Real Healing Begin,