Living Life By Design

Living Life By Design

I talk about living a life of balance, when in fact, my life was not in this place either. I believed in this so much that I even went through great links to become a certified coach to help others.  

I finally did it and I did it scared. I ripped off the security blanket that was keeping me safe but unbalanced nonetheless. No wonder my hormones were always unbalanced in a major way. Which is not good for someone working so hard to balance them. 

I really thought if I worked on balancing all but one area, I would be alright. Though it was bringing on resentment and frustration for me.

What I did not realize is that to change my life (and my health) I really needed to change my life. If my goal was to inspire others to live a life that fulfilled them, I needed to do the same thing. Inspire by living what you teach.

So how was this done? By dreaming again. Breaking down my dreams into goals. Creating action that makes my goals happen and gets me closer to making that dream a reality. 

Does that sound like a fairytale?

I am sure it does, but it does not have to be!

One place to start is to look at it from the view of priorities. We have so many of them. I talk more about priorities and how to simplify them here in this video:

For me, this was the part I was getting conflicted on. I had so many priorities, and I was showing up poorly. 

I was resenting my day job because the schedule was ever changing. I resented being a mom (which I wanted to be all of my life) because I needed to make sure he was cared for while I was at work. I never felt like I was doing anything well. 

When life gave us a new opportunity, I began doing the normal job search in the traditional setting for my profession. 

It was a video that talked about giving up good for great that helped me realize that it was time. Time to work through my fear of losing security.

I came up with the action steps to see if we could live a secure life without throwing life back off balance. We discussed it as a family, it appeared to look like we could pull this off.  

I made the steps so clear and created accountability around them, that when I was presented with an opportunity in a non-traditional setting for my profession, I cried. I felt conflicted again.

Luckily, my accountability sources reminded me we would be okay and gave me the blessing I needed from an outside source to create the life of balance I always dreamt of. 

If I would have had goals with no clear actions, I would have been on a random road. Nothing to aim for. I would have taken that job. I would have returned to the resentment, it just would have looked different.

So I encourage you, if you are unhappy with where you are at, take a moment to dream. See where that leads you.

It is time to dream again and start living life by your design! 

When you are ready to turn those dreams into action, there is a framework out there to help you get there. It comes with an amazing community and support from me and many others. 

Looking forward to seeing live by your design,



PCOS Shame-Chain

It happened broke down crying. Hard! This is all my fault, you think to yourself. 

You continue to degrade yourself over your goes on for an hour or more.

“I let myself get this way. If I could only lose the weight, I could...get pregnant...feel better...find a partner...feel good about myself.”

“My hair is falling out and my face is breaking out...ugh! Why is there hair growing on my face?! I am so fluffy...I will just be fat forever!”

We all say these things to ourselves, but we would never say them to our best friends. 

We beat ourselves up over a condition that our doctors may not even fully understand, much less ourselves.

Your right...Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is tough! It is not fair! 

Damn straight it is not, but why is that your fault? Why do you say those mean things to yourself? IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! 

Ladies, it is time to stop shaming ourselves over this condition! 

Would you believe me if I told you that PCOS is a condition that once upon a time, served women? 

I am willing to bet this is a hard one for you to believe, but there are some researchers out there that believe this is the case. However, our modern world makes it harder for us cysters to receive the benefits of this condition.

While I will skip this lesson for now...know this is not your fault. 

So let’s address perspective for a bit...This is a bit about my story and my outlook. 

Hopefully it will help you change your mindset, your perspective, and find the light in what may feel like darkness. are so worthy of good health, feeling good in your body, and love! The way the world functions today is not in your control. 

What is in your control? Speaking life over yourself! Learn about your condition. (There are many drivers to PCOS.) Understand that there are some many tools out there for you to use. Getting with your doctor and asking questions to come up with a plan that you both feel good about. (That may also include finding a doctor who is willing to work with you as well.)

If you are in need of a community to help you better understand your condition as well as ladies to support you...this community, Thriving with PCOS, is here to serve you. Come join us!

You are worthy,