PCOS Is Not Your Fault!

A girlfriend once told me, “I am not worthy of good health. Look at what I did to myself!” I looked her square in the eye and said, “You did not know what you did not know. Now you do and you are working to do something about it. That is what makes you worthy!” 

There were a lot of tears over this conversation...from both of us.

There is a study that discusses PCOS patients diagnosis journeys. It states that 16 percent of PCOS patients were happy with the information and education that they received regarding their PCOS!

That seems like an extremely low number to me! How about you? 

For this reason, I feel like we need to give ourselves grace. If you do not know that what you are eating, drinking, and using on your body are factors that make your condition worse, then how can you know what you are doing to yourself?

While, yes, I agree that many of us realize that a soda and fast food on the daily do not serve our bodies. However, if you did not know that your condition involved insulin resistance, then how can you know that you probably should do more than just take an oral medication?

There are many more interesting stats that come from that study. In this video on advocating for yourself, I reference more about that study.

I personally fell into the other 84 percent that was not happy with the information I received and education I was given. 

To be honest, I am not upset by it. I am driven by it. To make sure that other PCOS women do not fall into the same issue, I have created a community. Helping PCOS women thrive with this condition and understand it, is a passion of mind. 

If you fall into the 84 percent like me, come join us! 

Your PCOS is not your fault. You are worthy of good health. The choice is yours.

Cheers to you!


Power to the Patient

Power to the Patient

I see this a lot. Today it really triggered me when I saw another Cyster practically crying in her post today. 

A patient asking for help, struggling with a painful symptom and she was being made to feel horrible about it. In what world did all of those letters after a name give someone the power to belittle and mistreat someone!

The gold standard for all issues cycle related is the birth control pill or some form of cycle control through shots and inserted items. If that is your jam, by all means do the thing you feel comfortable with. What I struggle with is when someone would like other options. 

Also at what point does it become okay to not only tell the patient that the doctor that diagnosed her was an idiot and has them on the wrong course of action. All without reviewing the testing that was done and truly listening to the patient about her concern. To top it all off, no testing was done on this patient!!!

As someone with letters after her name, I know for a fact that there is more than one approach to all things medical. However, many of us are limited by how we are trained, taught, and have experienced.

Our limited scope does not incline us to make someone feel bad because we do not understand it. That also does not mean that we get to be nasty about it. 

Wishing you health with grace and ease, 


When did working in the medical field cease to be a service and become an absolute approach? Did everyone’s bodies suddenly become the same?

I had a similar experience once when I saw my new Endocrinologist...I loved my old one, but he left the office I was going to. She told me I either needed to take the Metformin or she could not help me. At least she was honest, but was nasty about it. So needless to say I have not been back.

Now we are all human and maybe sometimes our physicians are overworked, stressed, and working in a way that they are personally struggling. I believe that is an option too. 

I know I have had those days too. I have made mistakes in my years of practicing sports medicine. Which is why I am thankful for coworkers that are able to put fresh eyes on a situation. 

What I am not okay with is making people feel like they are crazy or stupid.

I write this so that if any of my other Cysters out there (or anyone as a matter of fact) are struggling to be heard by their physician, please know that you are allowed to feel comfortable with the care offered to you. You deserve options. You deserve to understand the risks. You deserve to be heard.

If you go through this, know that I feel for you and this is not okay. If you have a friend or family member go through this, listen to them. Let them air it all out. Then let them know that it is okay for them to seek out other options. Even if you do not agree with them on how they feel. 

We are all entitled to medical treatment that fits our comfort level. Nothing should be forced on us...period!