Yes, Adults Benefit From A Sleep Routine Too!

Yes, Adults Benefit From A Sleep Routine Too!

It was a long day at work. It was stressful. You snapped at a few of your co-workers! You are replaying it all on your mind on your drive home.

Then on top of that you come home with even more of a workload of tasks to complete. Why do we need to eat!

You are finally ready to lay down, but your mind is racing. So you turn on the TV to hopefully fall asleep and forget about your day. 

Instead, you find yourself just staring at it blankly. Sleep does not come to you until 1am and you have to be up and at ‘em by 7am...ekks! 

This is the story, or close to it every night. All you want to do is get a good night's rest and yet you seem to be missing out on it. 

You either cannot get to sleep or stay asleep. Either way you are feeling fatigued and lethargic throughout the day. 

This HAS to STOP!!

I agree with does! Have you considered creating a sleep routine? 

I promise you it is not just for children. 

Creating a routine before bed helps you unwind and close out the day. Once you are relaxed and ready for bed, it will make it so much easier to drift off to dreamland. 

There are many studies out that have found the importance of a sleep routine in children. They show improvement in their overall mood. 

Remember those outbursts you had with your co-workers...yep a sleep routine may help keep those stressors in check! 

In this day in age, we all could use a little support with our mental and emotional responses. No one needs built up stress and anxiety before we go to bed. 

So what does a bedtime routine look like? It can really be what you make of it. Just doing the things to get ready for bed anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. 

I personally take an hour for my routine. 

In my routine is gratitude journaling. More on that in the video below...

Try to keep to the same time every night. Though some of us may have a job where some evenings that just does not happen. That is okay! Your body will respond to your routine once it recognizes the established pattern. 

No matter when you establish your routine for or what your routine looks like...make it suit you and your needs to relax and unwind at night. What is in the routine is not as important as just establishing one. 

If you found this of value, and you are looking for more steps to create better sleep, then I have a course that may be of more service to you. Creating Better Sleep has such an impact on so much on our day to day. Whether you are talking about health, emotions, having more energy or focus. 

No matter what you choose, creating a bedtime routine is one of the core pieces to help you get the good night’s sleep you are dreaming of. 

Sweet dreams, 


6 Reason To Improve You Sleep As Part of Your PCOS Care

6 Reason To Improve You Sleep As Part of Your PCOS Care

You finally fell asleep! It is a miracle...until you wake. The clock says 1 am and now you cannot get back to sleep. Your mind starts to wonder and then before you know it, it is now 4 am.

I got to tell you, this is something that for many years, I would struggle with. Maybe you are in the same boat now. 

It took me putting in multiple changes over time to work on finally getting to sleep and then by happy accident figuring out how to stay asleep. 

Though many of us never really take working on this area very seriously. In fact, it is not uncommon to have people say things like...I will sleep when I am dead.

Well not getting good quality sleep will most definitely help you get closer to that final breath if you do not address it. 

For PCOS women, it is an even bigger piece to helping us in our thriving with PCOS journey. So here are some reasons to consider focusing on better sleep as part of your PCOS management and care: 

  1. Weight Reduction: Leptin levels (your satiety hormone) balance out and ghrelin (hunger hormone) decreases with quality and proper amount of sleep.

  1. Mood Improvement: adequate sleep helps with your response to stress as well as mood and emotion management.

  1. Inflammation Reduction: with quality sleep, you have less inflammation, which leads to overall better gut health. If you have issues like IBS on top of PCOS, you will really appreciate the benefits of better sleep. 

  1. Decreased Blood Pressure: By getting better sleep you will decrease your risk of developing hypertension and thereby improving your overall heart health. 

  1. Hormone Balance...including insulin: listen to the quick video, the first few minutes touch base on this area

  1. Decrease Carb Cravings: Better sleep helps support your insulin levels. When you have balanced insulin levels, your cravings for quick sources of energy (aka carbs) are more balanced rather than out of control.

All reasons, for me at least, that I found to be very true in my healing journey. Again things that were never really discussed when working to improve my PCOS symptoms. 

Hopefully this is not you, nor does it have to be. If better sleep is a goal of yours for your health journey, then I have a course that you will find of service to you. 

It is steps to help you get started down the path of creating better sleep for yourself.

Looking forward to seeing your sleep improve! 

Wishing you Better Sleep,