Healthy Level Of Disgust

Healthy Level Of Disgust
Looking down at the scale this morning, I was disgusted. “How have I put on that much weight since the beginning of summer?” I thought to myself. I knew that my clothes felt tighter but I did not think that I had gained that much weight! I mean, I had not weighed that since I was pregnant with our son.

I tried to shake it off and moved on with my morning routine of taking my son to school and getting my morning cardio in. It just so happened to be a run. It was my best one in a while, which may have something to do with the number I saw on my scale this morning. However, my disgust went to a different level later that morning during yoga. I made the mistake of taking a video clip for reel (see the reel here). Now the camera angle was not the best, but dang…is my belly really that big?! “Holy buckets,” I thought. I believed I was just struggling with being bloated and inflamed, but it is worse than I thought.

Now there are two choices anyone has at this point…throw in the towel and take a nosedive or use this as fuel. 

I chose this morning to use it as fuel. I drew the line in the sand and I am saying enough is enough. This is what is referred to as a healthy level of disgust.

While I have struggled with staying on track with my health and wellness goals since going back to work after the  “great stay at home'' period, I have also struggled to have a real reason to feel like I need to stay on track for myself. After today, it will be hard to get this image out of my mind.

What this is not, is body shaming. I know there are other women who would like to be in the place that I am with my weight. I am fine with having big legs (always have had them, they will not go away either). I am fine with being above the weight that is “ideal” for my height. What I am not okay with is that I know the risks that come with my belly as it is today and where my weight is right now. My background is in sports medicine after all, so I know if I keep going the way I am going, we will need better health insurance.

What I have realized is that I am great with boundaries in many areas of my life, but when it comes to food, I need to make better ones. Committing staying focused more on the 70% of what will help me on this health journey. I have a pretty good streak on the 20% and 10%.

I also realize that what I lack is accountability.

If you relate to any of this blog today and you are looking for a system that focuses on macro based eating, I invite you to look into Body By Design. I am looking to build a community of 7 to support each other using this system. We will all begin on October 3rd, 2022 and continue for 7 weeks.

Whether this is for you or you have other plans for your health, I hope that you find the healthy level of disgust that will help you finally draw your line in the sand.


Managing Life Like A Therapist

Managing Life Like A Therapist

No I am not talking about how a counselor or psychiatrist would handle get that out of your head. What I am talking about is how a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or an Athletic Trainer would handle an injury.

It is similar to life in a way. Trust me as a practicing Athletic Trainer for almost 20 years, injuries are a lot like life. I have always wondered why more of the medical community does not seem to take the time to function more like this model.

For every ACL (a ligament in the knee) that is torn, it is like running a specific play in football. You make sure the team is executing all the pieces together to make sure the play works and to have a positive outcome. For an ACL surgery that is anywhere between 6 to 12 months. 

Though it is not as easy as just saying you are all better in 6 to 12 months. There is work involved. That work comes in stages. Each stage has specific steps of action to take. 

Maybe you are following this and maybe you are not, so I will just let the elephant out...goal setting!

As I progress a patient (athlete or non-athlete) through rehab, there are certain things I need to help the patient work towards. Our action steps are based on our goals. Also our goals are based on where we are at in the process of things. I cannot have someone running at two-weeks post surgery because of tissue healing. That would be like asking someone who just started eating better for two weeks to lose 20 pounds….though I believe many of us would love it if we could reduce our weight that quickly.  

So what does goal setting look like? 

Here is a video to help you out with that:

While we set our goals a bit differently when it comes to the game of life versus injuries, sometimes we look for the quick fix. That magic that will jump us ahead of the game.

I hate to pull this out on you, slow and steady wins the race. Or if you need a sports reference, the long game wins out. 

Sometimes I think we would like to forget this. It is easy to do so in this day in age. Everything is at our fingertips. Life with instant access. Our food is fast, our TV now on demand, quick text messages, seeing friends from the comfort of our phone screens.

Though if you are really choosing to make a massive impact in your life and the lives of others, goal setting, action steps...they get you there. The journey is not instant or even 5 star/instaperfect. Though the destination is worth it all!

If this message resonated with you on some level and you need help figuring out where in life you need to address some changes and goal setting, go take this quiz. It will help you figure out what areas of your life where you feel the most out of whack. 

Looking forward to seeing you reach your destination!