PCOS Shame-Chain

It happened again...you broke down crying. Hard! This is all my fault, you think to yourself. 

You continue to degrade yourself over your condition...it goes on for an hour or more.

“I let myself get this way. If I could only lose the weight, I could...get pregnant...feel better...find a partner...feel good about myself.”

“My hair is falling out and my face is breaking out...ugh! Why is there hair growing on my face?! I am so fluffy...I will just be fat forever!”

We all say these things to ourselves, but we would never say them to our best friends. 

We beat ourselves up over a condition that our doctors may not even fully understand, much less ourselves.

Your right...Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is tough! It is not fair! 

Damn straight it is not, but why is that your fault? Why do you say those mean things to yourself? IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! 

Ladies, it is time to stop shaming ourselves over this condition! 

Would you believe me if I told you that PCOS is a condition that once upon a time, served women? 

I am willing to bet this is a hard one for you to believe, but there are some researchers out there that believe this is the case. However, our modern world makes it harder for us cysters to receive the benefits of this condition.

While I will skip this lesson for now...know this is not your fault. 

So let’s address perspective for a bit...This is a bit about my story and my outlook. 

Hopefully it will help you change your mindset, your perspective, and find the light in what may feel like darkness.

Ladies...you are so worthy of good health, feeling good in your body, and love! The way the world functions today is not in your control. 

What is in your control? Speaking life over yourself! Learn about your condition. (There are many drivers to PCOS.) Understand that there are some many tools out there for you to use. Getting with your doctor and asking questions to come up with a plan that you both feel good about. (That may also include finding a doctor who is willing to work with you as well.)

If you are in need of a community to help you better understand your condition as well as ladies to support you...this community, Thriving with PCOS, is here to serve you. Come join us!

You are worthy, 


5 Ways To Manage Emotions

I am a crier! I get so angry...I cry. I cry at the sad parts of just about any movie.

I was even made fun of for being a cry baby in school by my classmates...jerks!

So needless to say, crying is how I process. 

As I grew up, I worked really hard to repress my tears. Especially when my feelings were hurt. 

So now when I have a break down, all of the tears come. Like a good hard cry for what feels like hours type of crying.

I get so down and out, it will take some time to get me out of the funk.

I have since learned that bottling things up is no good. 

Storing up that anger, frustration, and sadness is not great for the soul or body.

Trust me, going down that road, is rough. It has cost me much in life. 

Paying that price is what I use to remind me when I get close to that path, I must redirect fast!

Now as a disclaimer, I am not a doctor. 

This is what I have learned from my journey. I also have gotten care in the past through medicines and counseling. 

I still find counseling helpful, however the medicines were not so much. I also am personally not a fan of the side effects. 

I am NOT encouraging any stopping of medication. You and your doctor must make the best decision for you. 

Though I do believe these tools can be an addition to what you are doing currently, if you are open to them. 

Here are a few of my tricks: 

  1. Stop telling yourself a story: your boss calls, says we need to talk, meet me in the office. During your journey to your office, you begin to play it all out. That by the time you get there, you are all worked up. Whatever the situation may be, stop making the story up before you get there. This does not help you go in with a clear head and make you more reactive than responsive...trust me I know. 

  1. Gratitude: When you find gratitude in the small things that happen in your day, you feel better about it. It can be as simple as someone smiling at you. Or opening the door for you. Whatever it is, make note of it. At least 5 everyday...bonus points for finding the good in the difficult parts of your day!

  1. AFT: For processing memories that limit your mindset, this is a fantastic tool. More on this in the below video. 

  1. Journal: I know what you are thinking...been there, done that. Well you have to write out that gratitude somewhere right! Plus this is a space where you can rewrite your story, place down some thoughts. This is my space where I reaffirm the things I value about myself.

  1. Love yourself: When you love you, no one can stop you. In fact, others will begin to shift around you. When you love yourself and speak life over yourself, your mindset begins to shift. Your light will shine brighter. Let me tell you, no one tells the sun to stop shining. So when your light shines, no one can shut it down. 

The right mindset is an important piece to thriving in this life we live. There is so much negative, that it is easy to get caught up in it. 

If you are looking into ways to thrive with PCOS and/or Managing Your Emotions, come join us here. We look forward to grabbing your hand and lifting you up. 

You Are Worthy,