Group Life Coaching
Do you wake up every morning thinking there has got to be more to life than this? You are not alone!
This 12 week group program features:
  • On-line access to the Oola framework that is personalized to you
  • Blueprint that helps you determine where your life is in 7 key areas of life
  • Breakthrough Experience that helps you:
    • Identify and work through blockers that keep you stuck
    • Identify and utilize accelerators that keep you on track
  • An app where you create three or more daily action steps to take towards your goals and track them
  • Be part of a community to help keep you accountable along the way with weekly meetings over zoom for 12 weeks
Investing in a more balanced life puts out the flames of burnout and fatigue and improves fulfillment in life. Are you ready to live life by your design?

Body By Design
Do you want to live a healthier, more energetic lifestyle?
This is a 7 week positive weight management program featuring:
  • macro-based meal plans
  • on-line guided course with videos by coach Krystal Nielson
  • downloadable journal to help track your progress
  • weekly group support leaded by myself (Terra Macklin)
Are you ready to create a healthier and more energetic lifestyle? 
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