I was the "life balance" naysayer! Living a life by my design used to feel like a dream I would never have.
My work life used to trample all over the other areas of my life. So no matter how much I thought I could just work on the other areas of my life, my work life would keep requiring more of me.
This got more real for me when I became a mom. As a woman with PCOS, becoming a mom has its challenges. When I finally reached this long awaited moment in my life, I wanted to spend more time doing that than working. Even with my job being okay with me bringing my son to work, I was growing more frustrated and resentful. Plus I did not feel like I was showing up as good mom or a good employee. 
If it was not for a framework I was introduced to, I would have never come to the realization that fear was acting as a security blanket and keeping me stuck. I finally embraced it fully and I am creating life by my design.
By shedding my security blank, I have been able to live in a more authentic way. This is why I am now reaching back and showing others they can do the same.
I just know, when you are ready to embrace what is holding you back and pivot, you can live 
                                                                                                                      a life that is full and satisfying too!